76.5 miles


76.5 miles


The Systems Ecology Lab at UTEP is currently studying impacts a warming Arctic is having on coastal regions in the Barrow region. Warming air and water temperatures and less shore fast sea ice is causing the mostly permafrost coastal bluffs to retreat back up to 40 feet in some areas. The team measures this erosion by hiking the coastal bluffs (all 76.5 miles of it) on foot, equipped with high precision GPS units and a 12-gauge shotgun for protection against the rare polar bear sighting.

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Paper Type: Moab Juniper Baryta Rag

Printing: Giclée

Size: 12x18 on 13x19 paper

Mounting: Non-permanent, archival white mat

Frame: 18x24 Matte black metal frame

Glazing: 2mm clear glass

Year: 2016

Edition: 1/5 author signed