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Ukpik is the Inupiaq word for Snowy Owl. It’s also the nickname given to owl biologist Denver Holt (seen here in the photo) by the local elders. Denver has been studying this iconic Arctic bird species over two decades. Nesting sites are home to three to four owl hatchlings, dead birds, lemmings and angry dive-bombing adult owls. This photo has recently won first place in the 2016 American Institute of Biological Sciences photo contest. 

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Paper Type: Moab Juniper Baryta Rag

Printing: Giclée

Size: 12x18 on 13x19 paper

Mounting: Non-permanent, archival white mat

Frame: 18x24 Matte black metal frame

Glazing: 2mm clear glass

Year: 2016

Edition: 1/5 author signed