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In the photo, a group of people sings gospel hymns in their native Inupiaq. Nalukataq is a traditional celebration heralding the closing of a safe and productive whaling season. There are typically more than one Nalukataq in a season as there is a multitude of whaling crews in Barrow. That season’s harvest of whale is shared at the celebration with the community and it’s up to the whaling crews to prepare their individual celebration and feast. This is done in the interest of community and generosity.

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Paper Type: Moab Juniper Baryta Rag

Printing: Giclée

Size: 12x18 on 13x19 paper

Mounting: Non-permanent over acid free white mat

Frame: 18x24 Matte black metal frame

Glazing: 2mm clear glass

Year: 2016

Edition: 1/5 author signed